This is how outsourcing with us works

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Outsourcing in Albania

Our main job is to find talented personnel for you.
This talented personnel is then hired in our company with all necessary paperwork. We supervise them and accommodate them in our office.
They work full time only for you. You give them their commands and duties using online communication software. You pay a fixed salary for them each month.

About us

A brief description about us

Code Studio

My name is Rej Aliaj I am a Web Engineer and the founder of code-studio.
Our main focus was creating websites and web applications for our several clients in Germany. Through our path, we noticed the need for staff and the need for more talented programmers, developers, etc but with a much more affordable salary and no taxes. We have been on this path for some years now we have different partners in Germany that their employees live in Albania and work with us. We are very proud with our work because is beneficial for all party included. It is beneficial for the company that hires because it can save a lot of money and get a real talented employee, it is beneficial for the worker because his work is appreciated and he is very happy with his salary is beneficial for us because we gain a percentual but the most important we feel proud that we are creating new jobs in our country and helping eachother every day.

about us Code Studio outsourcing albania

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Find the reasons why to outsource your staff in Albania has so many benefits.

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A list of some of the benefits of working with us and outsourcing in Albania

  • 70% Lower salary than in Germany
  • No Taxes ( Covered by us )
  • No Insurances ( Covered by us )
  • Monthly service invoice for each employee
  • Happy employees ( With better than average salaries )
  • 2 Dedicated supervisors for your Employees.
  • A big range of selection of candidates.
  • Accommodation of your employees in our office.
  • Signed Privacy and information contract


A step by step guide on how the process of hiring your staff with us works

The steps:

  1. You send us the work positions you are requesting.
  2. We navigate all Albania job market and in our own database for workers that fulfill your demands.
  3. We make a selection of the best CV’s of the candidates and send them to you with a price range attached for their salary.
  4. You select your preferred candidates and we set up and interview with the candidate and you in our office using skype, zoom etc.
  5. If you are happy with the candidate he/she starts a testing phase that may be 1week – 1month so you can see if he/she can do the job.
  6. After the testing period if you want to hire the candidate we sign a written contract together and after that, we hire the person in our company we accommodate them and give to them a work contract.
  7. At the end of each month you pay a fixed fee for your worker.
  8. We are responsible for the worker to follow the work rules to be always available during his working shift. If she/he has a problem can come directly to us and will do our best to resolve it. 
how does the outsource work

Select your staff

Compile the form below and we will send you all the required information as fast as we can in the email will be included salary fees for the employee you are interested in.